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Amara Bangali Holds Tripura State Conference Of The Party

Regional political party Amara Bangali public meeting and state conference on Saturday on various demands, including Bengali as a classical language in the national education policy, providing employment and bringing prices of daily necessities under control. 

A rally was organized in city Agartala before the public meeting on this day. The rally traveled through various streets of the city and ended in front of the Rabindra Shatabarshiki Bhavan.

In the public meeting held in front of Rabindra Bhavan, state Secretary of Amara Bangali Gauranga Rudrapal was present. 

He raised the demands and said that Bengali language is the best language in the world. Bengali language ranks after Sanskrit in India. But in that place, the government excluded Bengali language from the national education policy. Central government wants to educate children in Hindi and English language.

“By doing this, the identity of the Bengalis will be erased in the future.  it is a kind of conspiracy to endanger the rights of the Bengali community” he said. 

He also said that there is a deep conspiracy against the Bengalis today, who sacrificed during the partition and independence of the country. But since independence, Bengalis have repeatedly lost their rights. 

Gauranga Rudra Pal expressed fear that if even the right to language is lost then the national identity will disappear. 

He urged everyone to come forward to protect the language and culture of Bengalis. 

And he urged the central government to refrain from conspiracies by passing black laws.

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