Amazing, Unforgettable’: PM Modi On Ayodhya Deepotsav

On the occasion of Diwali, Lord Ram’s city Ayodhya was illuminated with 22 lakh lamps. Prime Minister Modi has described this ‘Deepotsav’ held in Ayodhya as wonderful, supernatural and unforgettable.

He has also shared some beautiful pictures of Deepotsav. PM Narendra Modi also congratulated the countrymen on Diwali and said that I wish that Lord Shri Ram blesses all the countrymen. May he become the inspiration for all my family members.

Actually, Ayodhya registered its name in the Guinness World Records on Saturday (11 November). Here, 22.23 lakh lamps were lit during Deepotsav 2023.

In this way the city broke its previous record, when 15.76 lakh lamps were lit. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath started Deepotsav in Ayodhya from 2017 . That year, 51 thousand lamps were lit, which increased to 4.10 lakh in 2019.

While sharing the pictures of Deepotsav, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote, ‘Wonderful, supernatural and unforgettable. The entire country is becoming illuminated with the grand festival of lights of Ayodhya city illuminated with millions of lamps. The energy emanating from this is spreading new zeal and enthusiasm all over India. I wish that Lord Shri Ram does well for all the countrymen and becomes the inspiration for all my family members. Jai Siya Ram!’

However, this year’s Diwali has some special significance. The reason for this is that Ram Temple will be consecrated on January 22, 2024 next year.

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