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AMC Increases Wages Of The Non Regular Workers

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Just ahead of Durga Puja festival Tripura Agartala Municipal  Corporation Mayor Deepak Majumdar has announced the increase in the wages of the non regular workers.

In a press conference on Tuesday , Mayor Deepak Majumder said that many nonregular workers have been associated with the Agartala Municipal Corporation for a long time. Many of them are involved in cleaning roads and drains, while others are involved in daily work of drivers and offices. Many others are associated with malaria preventive spray and sanitation of wards and cleaning of drains. A total of 2163 such irregular workers are engaged in various jobs in Agartala Municipal Corporation.

“After reviewing their demands, the present government decided to increase the wages of 2163 laborers Rs. 52 per head per day”. The mayor of Agartala Pur Nigam, Deepak Majumder, announced.

He also said that a total of 417 irregular women workers are employed for door-to-door cleaning. The incentive allowance of all these workers has been increased to 500 rupees per month. Keeping in mind the contractual employees, a total of 29 contractual employees have been increased by Rs.3,000 per month. Agartala Municipal Corporation will spend a total annual expenditure of Rs 4 crore 29 lakh 93 thousand 307 in implementing these decisions. 

He also said that this cost will be borne from the own income of Agartala Municipality. 

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