America Should Change…

Apart from the sheer vulgarity of Trump’s persona and politics, the racism, bigotry and white supremacist ideology of his political support base has not merely divided America and eroded its democratic credentials at home, but has deeply wounded the global stature of the United States. This at a time when the world needs to once again reaffirm its commitment to pluralism and the ideals of liberal democracy, challenged as they are by the rise of authoritarian and totalitarian ideologies and leaders of various hues across the world. American democracy has had to deal with racial and class divides time and again in its history. However, a nation or society being divided along lines of prejudice is one thing, for it to be defined by it quite another. A Biden-Harris victory or defeat has come to mean more than just an electoral outcome. Its consequences would be long-term and global. Whoever wins the election finally, the task for American political leadership is clear. For the US to remain on top as the self-proclaimed leader of the “free world”, it has to demonstrate commitment to the values of its own Constitution. The decline in US influence has been faster on account of its inability to do this during the Trump years. If Trump manages to win, he would retain an office diminished by his presence, for he would be heading an even more divided nation. The Biden-Harris team, with its message of pluralism and liberalism, offers the US the opportunity to regain that moral stature.

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