Amit Shah Criticized Rahul Gandi For His Remarks In US

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday (June 10) accused Rahul Gandhi of criticizing India and discussing its internal politics during his foreign trip.

Shah also advised former Congress President Rahul Gandhi to learn from his forefathers. 

He said that criticizing his own country abroad does not suit any leader and he should keep in mind that the people of the country are watching him. 

BJP leader Shah was referring to Rahul Gandhi’s recent visit to the US, during which he spoke to the Prime Minister on several issues.

Modi Criticized the government led by Shah said, “Any patriotic person should discuss Indian politics within India. It does not suit the leader of any party to go abroad and discuss Indian politics and criticize the country. Remember Rahul Baba, the people of the country are watching carefully”.

He said, “Rahul Baba is going abroad for a holiday to escape the summer. He keeps criticizing the country abroad. I would like to advise Rahul Gandhi to learn from his forefathers”.

Home Minister Shah was addressing a rally organized in Siddhpur area of ​​Patan district of Gujarat on the occasion of completion of nine years of Modi government at the Centre. 

He claimed that the country has witnessed sweeping changes under the Modi government, but the Congress does not stop talking anti-India. 

He also targeted Rahul Gandhi for criticizing the new Parliament building. Shah said, “You

opposed the establishment of ‘Sengol’, the historical scepter of Tamil Nadu. Sengol was to be established by Jawaharlal Nehru. PM Modi is doing this because Nehru did not do this. In such a situation, why are you (Rahul) protesting”

Shah also attacked Rahul on the issue of construction of Ram temple and abolition of Article-370. 

He said that the temple of Lord Rama in Ayodhya was demolished during the time of Babur (the founder of the Mughal Empire). 

Senior BJP leader Shah said that today a grand temple of Lord Ram is being constructed and it will be completed soon. 

Praising PM Modi, he said that the government worked to improve the lives of Dalits, poor and tribals. 

Referring to former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and former Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Amit Shah said, “Comparing the 10 years of Manmohan-Sonia with the 10 years of Modi, it will be known that there was only corruption in the 10 years of the Congress-led government. There was mismanagement, economic collapse, terrorism and poor law and order. 

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