An Actor’s Death & Bihar Election….

Obviously sushant singh rajput was not more than an ‘Actor.’ His mysterious death creates lots of controversy. But now his death become a political issue in upcoming bihar election. BJP’s Kala Sanskriti Cell in Patna has come up with stickers and masks in the memory of late actor. “Na bhule hain! Na bhulne denge !” is the stickers. Around 60,000 such stickers and masks have been made by the cell. The move by BJP comes ahead of assembly election in the state. Bihar assembly election is due and the election commission is planning to complete it before November 29. According to the political analyst In the caste-ridden politics of Bihar, the BJP’s efforts are being seen as an attempt by the party to woo the state’s Rajput community. Although the Rajputs constitute only 4 per cent of Bihar’s population, they are dominant upper castes who can influence others to vote for a party. They are largely associated with the BJP and the JD(U). The current Bihar assembly has 61 Yadav MLAs, 38 Dalit and 24 Muslim legislators. Meanwhile in this death case one actress Rhea Chakraborty sent to judicial custody until September 22, 2020, she will be taken to Byculla Jail on Thursday.

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