Artificial Intelligence And The Challenges

We know about artificial intelligence  For this we have been using AI. Nowadays, we often keep hearing the name of Artificial Intelligence everywhere, in every field. 

It is believed that in the coming times, Artificial Intelligence will change everything. Be it the model of development or the power to think and understand.

Due to the increasing use of AI and this interference in human activities, a new debate has also started. 

In fact, many well-known businessmen of the world, including technocrats, believe that artificial intelligence can pose a deep risk to society and humanity. 

AI can be dangerous for the society. These people also include Twitter owner and industrialist Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, the world’s leading company in terms of technology.

Apart from these people, Skype co-founder Jaan Tallinn, co-founder of Pinterest as well as professors from several universities have also signed the open letter warning about the future danger of AI. 

This open letter has been put on the website of ‘Future of Life Institute’. After this letter posted last week, the debate has intensified in the world that how AI can prove to be beneficial as well as fatal for us in the future.

An appeal is being made to stop the big research being done on Artificial Intelligence. It is being said that as much care is not being taken in its use as is needed. 

After the arrival of ChatGPT, this debate has gained momentum once again. Recently its new version GPT-4 has been launched. 

Renowned technocrats of the world are now considering such rapidly developing modules as a threat to human existence. 

These people have appealed to all AI laboratories to immediately stop the training of AI systems more powerful than GPT-4 for at least 6 months.

The same thing has been said in the open letter that the AI ​​system has now become as competitive as human intelligence. 

In a way, it is representing a major change in the history of human existence on earth. In such a situation, it is necessary that planning should be done for its use and it should be managed with proper care and resources. 

People expressing concern in the open letter believe that these things are not being taken care of in the use of AI and an out-of-control race is being seen in the development of the digital mind. It can prove to be so dangerous that even the people engaged in this work have no idea about it.

As the name suggests, Artificial Intelligence is a kind of intelligence, which has nothing to do with natural thinking. We all know that the biggest specialty of a human being is the power to think, the power to think, the intelligence.

In such a situation, some questions will arise regarding Artificial Intelligence. The biggest question is that how right is it to develop Artificial Intelligence to such an extent that it leaves behind even human intelligence. 

The second question is that through technology, allow the flow of information in the machines, which are full of propaganda and lies. This question has become even more relevant with the GPT-4 module. 

As the use of artificial intelligence increases, the possibility of automation of many types of jobs will increase.

There is a bigger question than that such a digital mind is being developed through AI, which can have intelligence like the human mind, but not sensitivity. In a way it is like developing an inhuman mind.

You imagine that through AI, such an army of machines will be created in the future, which will threaten human existence itself. 

The biggest fear is that those who are working privately in this field, if they start considering themselves so strong that they will neither be afraid of the government nor of the law and order because they do not have AI there will be an army of made machines. 

If such modules get in the hands of an ambitious man, who is ready to do anything to fulfill his desires, then to what extent it can become a problem for the society and humanity.

According to the apprehensions expressed in the open letter, the responsibility of developing AI cannot be completely left to such people, who are unelected in a democratic system, and whose accountability is not fixed.

Technology should be used for the betterment of the society. But in this process, it should never happen that a machine, being faster and more efficient than the human mind, works to trick or mislead human thinking in an uncontrolled manner. Or prove human thinking itself to be dwarf. 

If Artificial Intelligence becomes more powerful than IQ or Intelligence Quotient, then it can become really dangerous for the society and humanity.

For example, we want to write something on a topic. If a person writes it by himself, then he will express his opinion considering every aspect, good or bad about it. 

If the same work is done through a system made through AI like ChatGPT, then that person will accept the information fed under AI as absolute truth. 

Not only this, such information can be sent to every corner of the world in the blink of an eye. In such a system, if someone feeds false and propaganda-filled facts on any subject, then it will be dangerous for human thinking and society in any case.

In the same way, we are seeing that many apps and software made using AI are changing anything with any picture in today’s time. 

If it is put to good use, then there is no problem. But if misused, it can also harm many people. 

As a hallmark, anyone’s face can be pasted on anyone’s body and AI is executing it so closely that it will look absolutely real. 

In future, it can also be used on a large scale to commit crimes and tarnish the image of people.

There are many issues like this, in view of which there is a need to think as well as keeping an eye on the development and use of AI. 

Today every country of the world is accepting that the biggest challenge before the world in the future is to ensure cyber security. 

If rational control is not imposed on the development and use of AI in time, then the importance of humans will decrease in the coming times, it will prove to be harmful for our civilization and society.

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