As The Most Populous Country India Need To Develop Its Human Resources

Eventually India overtook China to become the most populous country in the world in terms of population. 

According to the report of the United Nations, now the population of India has increased to one billion 42 crore 86 lakh. 

Of course, this is not an achievement, because the area of ​​India is much less than that of China. 

It is true that India’s population growth rate is declining, but it is so slow that the population will continue to grow for some more years. 

In view of this, it is necessary that India should take necessary measures for the stabilization of population. 

This is possible only with the participation of all.

Now that India has become the most populous country in the world, then measures for population planning should also be taken. 

There is no denying that some steps have been taken in this direction, but they cannot be called sufficient. 

Our policy-makers cannot be unaware of the fact that if the population is not planned properly, then the excess population takes the form of a burden. 

To prevent this from happening, necessary steps should be taken with immediate effect.

Since a large part of the country’s population is youth, it has its own benefits as well, but these benefits can be earned only when this young population can get employment opportunities with proper education. 

For this, we have to pay special attention to our education system, so that such youth can be prepared who can be helpful in the progress of the country.

It should not be overlooked that various industrial organizations keep complaining that the kind of skilled and efficient youth they require is not available. 

The main reason for this is the flaws in the education system. Although government has taken skill development initiatives keeping in mind the young population, but a lot needs to be done in this direction.

Whatever skill development programs are going on, they are not able to live up to the test. In view of the increasing population, we will also have to make efforts to give work to the youth according to their ability and capability. 

This will be possible when top priority is given to the development of industries. It should be kept in mind that government jobs cannot be provided to all the youth even if they want to.

It is a good sign that technology-based new industries are growing and there are a lot of startups in them, but it should not be overlooked that a large number of our population is dependent on agriculture, whose productivity is less. It is clear that the population dependent on agriculture needs to be absorbed in industries.

After all India needs to develop the human resources and should properly utilize it.

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