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‘Attack On Bengalis In Assam’: Amara Bangali Holds Protest Rally In Agartala

Amara Bangali Tripura State Committee held a demonstration in Agartala protesting the attack on Bengalis in Assam.

A protest program was organized in front of the Amara Bangali State Office.

State Secretary of Amara Bangali Gauranga Rudra Pal was present there.

He said that:

Before the recently concluded Durga Puja, two extremist organizations in Assam issued a notice and informed the people of the Bengali section that Durga Puja cannot be performed.

And Bengalis cannot speak Bengali. If they want to stay in Assam then they have to speak Assamese language. After four days of Durga Puja, it is seen that they destroyed various puja mandaps. Tore down the signboard written in Bengali language. Also warned that if they have to stay in Assam then they have to live according to Ahamiya Kristi culture, otherwise their future will be in dark.

But the Assam administration did not take any action against it despite knowing everything.


If the Assam police administration does not take strict action , a larger movement will be launched. Such anti-Bengali attacks are being organized all over the country. Such incidents cannot be accepted in a secular and independent country.

Because Bengalis have the main role behind the independence of the country. Therefore, if there is any attack on Bhumiputras, there is no other way but to hold the movement.

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