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Bad Road Condition Affecting Rural Economy Of Tripura: Report

Dilapidated road communication system in rural Tripura is gradually deteriorating from bad to Worse due to non-construction and renovation of roads.

The lackadaisical attitude of the respective department added with financial constraints are
alleged to be the major factors to earn the goal of making farmers income double and boast up rural economy. Various remote areas of the state are suffering due to a lack of Construction and maintenance of rural roads.

The condition of most of the rural roads connecting the interior villages and hills of Tripura is getting worse due to a lack of maintenance and renovation. The rural economy is badly suffering owing to the hindrance created
the communications.

Farmers are failing to bring their products into the market due to coarser and broken roads. Renovation of roads in the rural areas can be carried out on a priority basis if the government is keen to make farmers income doubles as envisaged by using the Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) managed by the NABARD to get rid of this problem said a top brass of the respective department.

The bad road conditions are also preventing the gross state (GSDP) from further growth and leaving a bad impact on the agro-based rural socio-economic development in the state. The government can take advantage of RIDF for infrastructural improvement to reduce the production cost of the rural poor and farmers. According to the Tripura Economic Review, farmers of Tripura are mostly poor and marginal.

More than 42 % of people are sparingly dependent on agri-based activities. Their share of GSDP is about 30%. Most of the farmers are mainly from the hilly areas. Chhataria village under Tapania RD block of Udaipur sub division in Gomati district is best known for its vegetable and paddy cultivation.

Butalack of better communication links, farmers are failing to get the right price for their crops. The Government’s goal is to double the income of farmers, but if the cost of production continues torise and farmers do not get a fair price for their produce, the income of farmers will never be double.

Officials of the PWD who did not want to be named said implementation of road development projects is being delaved due to inadequate funds.

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