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Bangladesh Assistant High Commission At Agartala Celebrates The Great Independence & National Day

Bangladesh Assistant High Commission at Agartala celebrates the great Independence and National Day of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh with due dignity on Sunday.

The Assistant High Commission of Bangladesh at Agartala has organized various programs at the office premises.

At first Bangladesh National Flag was hoisted at the office premises. Then tribute was paid by placing wreath to the Portrait of Father of the Nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. One minute silence was observed in memory of the Father of the Nation, his martyred family members and the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the Great Liberation War. 

After that the speeches given by President, Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and Minister of State for Foreign Affairs on the occasion of the day has been read out.

In the 2nd phase, a panel discussion is scheduled on the occasion of the day. There will be documentary exhibition on Bangladesh and cultural program will be held with the participation of artists from Bangladesh on the occasion of the day at night.

Bangladesh declared an independent country on 26 March 1971. India supported the Bangladesh War for the liberation of all sections of the people of East Bengal from the continuous oppression of the rulers of the Pakistani army. 

On this day in 1971, Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rahman, the founder of Bangladesh, declared Bangladesh independent. He also called upon the people of the country to fight for freedom. The freedom struggle that started after this lasted for nine months. 

The war ended with the surrender of the Pakistan Army to India on 16 December 1971. 16 December is celebrated as Victory Day in Bangladesh.

When India got independence from the British in 1947, it was also divided into two pieces. 

According to the demand of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Pakistan became a separate nation of Muslim majority population.

 Pakistan had two parts. One in the west of India which was called West Pakistan. The other on the eastern end of India which was called East Pakistan.

The population of East Pakistan was Bengali speaking while the population of West Pakistan was Urdu speaking. 

The administration of the country used to be run by West Pakistan . People from there held important positions ranging from the President, the Prime Minister to the army.

When Urdu was declared the official language, the discontent among the people of Bengali-speaking East Pakistan increased. 

Amid growing discontent, East Pakistan leader Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rehman formed a party called the Awami League. 

His party won a landslide victory in the 1970 elections, but the military rulers with influence from West Pakistan put him in jail instead of making him prime minister. 

This incident is considered as the seed of partition of Pakistan.

On March 26, Mujib-ur-Rehman declared Bangladesh independent. With this, there was heavy bloodshed in the freedom struggle. 

The Army of West Pakistan inflicted severe atrocities on the people of East Pakistan. 

During this, lakhs of people fled and took refuge in India. India gave military support to the Mukti Bahini of Bangladesh. 

Finally, on 16 December 1971, Pakistani soldiers surrendered to the Indian Army. With this the freedom struggle of Bangladesh was completed.

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