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Barbed Wire Fencing, Bouldering Work Is On At Indo-Bangla Border, Sabroom

Barbed wire fencing work has started in earnest at the Indo-Bangla international border in Sabroom under South Tripura District.

The work of boulders installation on the banks of the Feni river in Bangladesh has also started.

According to news sources, Bangladesh will install boulders at their side from Mandirghat to Aliamara on the Indian border.

Day and night bouldering work is going on towards Bangladesh. Indian administration is not sitting either.

Barbed wire fencing is going on from Alimara border to Dasmighat in Sabroim.

It should be noted here that for more than a decade, there has been problem between the two countries with the barbed wire work at that place in Sabroom on the Indo-Bangla international border.

Finally, a meeting was held between Delhi-Dhaka with the border guard forces of the two countries and bureaucrats of the Indian administration. Still there was no hope.

At one point, after a meeting between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the ice between the two countries melted and it was decided to work to be continued according to the international norms of the two countries.

Bangladesh will put boulders on its side to prevent erosion of the Feni river, while India will build unfinished barbed wire fences to protect the border on its side.

And it is known that the two countries are working according to the rules of the international border.

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