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BBC Documentary ‘India The Modi Question’: I&B Ministry Blocks YouTube, Twitter

The central government has ordered the blocking of tweets sharing a BBC documentary critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

The tweets through which the YouTube link of the BBC documentary has been shared have also been blocked. 

According to the report, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has issued instructions for this. 

According to sources, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has ordered that all videos shared on YouTube of the first episode of the BBC documentary be blocked. 

Twitter has been ordered to block over 50 tweets containing links to YouTube videos of the BBC documentary “India: The Modi Question”.

Sources say that instructions were issued on Friday by the Information and Broadcasting Secretary using the emergency powers under the IT Rules, 2021. Both YouTube and Twitter have complied with these directives.

This documentary has been made by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the public broadcaster of Britain. 

It was described by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs as a “part of propaganda” lacking objectivity and showing colonial attitudes. 

The ministry said that BBC did not make it available in India. Some YouTube channel uploaded it. It seems to have been uploaded to promote an anti-India agenda.

It is being told that YouTube has also given instructions to block the uploading of the video again on its platform. 

Twitter has also instructed other platforms to identify and block tweets containing links to videos.

Senior officials from the Ministries of Home Affairs and Information Broadcasting including the Ministry of External Affairs have examined the documentary and found the film to be an attempt to vilify.

 It is going to attack the authority and credibility of the Supreme Court of the country. It is divisive among various Indian communities and makes baseless allegations about the actions of foreign governments in India.

The investigation found that the documentary is going to undermine India’s sovereignty and integrity and is going to adversely affect public order within the country as well as India’s friendly relations with foreign countries.

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