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“Bengalis Are Being Tortured In Assam” Amara Bangali Tripura Unit

The regional party Amara Bangali have protested against the Assam government, alleging that Bengalis are being tortured in that state. 

The organization has raised the demand to immediately stop the torture and ensure the safety of the people of the Bengali areas.

Addressing a press conference General Secretary of Amara Bangali Tripura Gauranga Rudrapal strongly condemned the torture of Bengalis in Assam. 

He said that on December 19, 1,000 Bengali families were evicted in a planned manner in Noagaon district in Assam. 

“Bengalis have been evicted with the help of para-military forces and police with the help of bulldozers without providing for resettlement. Amara Bangali expressing concern about that incident” said Rudrapal. 

The organization demands that the Assam government and the central government should arrange immediate resettlement of the evicted Bengalis. 

Rudrapal also demanded that the torture of Bengalis in different states should be stopped. Not only that, he warned that if the security of the people of the Bengali section is not ensured, Amara Bangali party will be forced to organize a larger movement.

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