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Bharat Instead Of India, Recommends NCERT Panel

In the books of National Council of Educational Research and Training i.e. NCERT, Bharat will now be written instead of INDIA.

Report claims that NCERT has approved the proposal of the panel regarding necessary changes in the books.

One of the panel members, said, this proposal was put forward a few months ago and now it has been accepted.

The recommendation of the NCERT panel has been made at a time when discussions are in full swing in the political circles on changing the name INDIA to Bharat.

The rumor of changing the name from INDIA to Bharat started in September last month when during the G20 event, ‘President of Bharat’ was written instead of ‘President of India’ in the invitation letter sent in the name of the President of India.

News agency PTI reports, according to the committee chairman CI Isaac, the panel had recommended changing the word India to Bharat in the course books.

NCERT committee chairman CI Isaac recommended introducing ‘Classical History’ in place of ‘Ancient History’ in textbooks along with introducing Indian Knowledge System (IKS) in the curriculum for all subjects.

He said, “The committee has recommended to teach the victory of Hindu kings in the war.¬†Right now our defeat has been depicted in the books, but our victory over the Mughals and Sultans has not been mentioned.

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