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Big Apartments Threatening Bigger Disaster For City Dwellers: DM West Tripura

Big apartments threatening bigger disaster for city dwellers. Such an indication was found in the speech of the West Tripura District Magistrate Dr. Vishal Kumar on Tuesday.

He met in a press conference regarding disaster management . Two other officials were also Big apartments threatening bigger disaster for city dwellerspresent at this press conference in the conference hall of the District Magistrate’s office.

In response to various questions, the District Magistrate said, there are no ponds or swamps in the Agartala and surrounding area. But according to the map of settlement office there was a pond in almost every house in 1996.

Over the years all the ponds have been filled legally and illegally.

Ponds of Barajala, Dukli etc areas have been filled without permission from the government. If legal action is to be taken against it, the land owners say where we will go. Without this land we have no more land. Big apartments are being built around it now. But there is no proper drainage system for this. All water in an apartment discharge through a drain. May be that drain wasDischarge through a drain. May be that drain was built for a house in that area.

Now many families live together in that place. As a result, problems will arise. Already the city of Agartala is big bowl. Water logging in a little rain.

He also said that he will talk to AMC and TUDA. Besides disaster

He applied to build a new house according to the Guidelines of Government and Municipal Corporation.

Meanwhile, the district Magistrate also admitted that fake Aadhaar cards and PRTC are being made in the state.

In response to questions in this regard, he said that some Aadhaar cards and PRTC have been suspected. It is seen that there is no house here, but they have Aadhaar card and PRTC in their name. It is being investigated by a senior officer. Action will be taken against those who are officially and non-officially associated with it. Besides, Bangladesh is with Tripura. As a result, some brokers have also been identified in such work. Action will be taken against them with the help of police. Efforts will be made to prevent such illegal acts in the future.

The District Magistrate also said that Rs 26 crore 61 lakh have been spent on distribution of relief materials in the disaster management sector in West Tripura district during the last six years .

Rs 1 crore 72 lakhs was spent on this sector during the period of Covid-19.

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