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Bilonia: Family Attacked By BJP Leader. “Case Couldn’t Be Taken Against The Accused” Said Police

The supporters of the ruling party were attacked at the instruction of some local leaders and left a family severely inured.

The incident took place on Tuesday night in the Garij Tilla area of Belonia. The family has alleged from the women’s police station to Belonia police station the case was not registered even after they approached the police with injuries approached the police with injuries.

It is learned from the victims that Rajin Debnath alias Rajan, a local BJP leader, suddenly attacked Mrinal Niyogi on Tuesday night after a heated altercation between the two.

Mrinal Niyogi some how managed to escape from the place and rushed to his residence at Bunkar area in Talukdar Para and informed his family about the incident and said that Rajan had snatched the money and mobile from him.

Later, Mrinal’s wife along with his two daughters and son’s wife went to Rajan’s house in Garij Tilla area to fetch money and mobile phone. But as soon as they entered their house Rajan attacked them and tried to thrash them.

It is alleged that Rajan tried to kill Mrinal Niyogis wife and howeve, his daughters somehow saved their mother. He did not spare his daughters and started kicking them and thrashing them.

Later, all four of them some how escaped and went straight to the Belonia Women’s Police Station, but even after going there, the Women police asked them to meet Belonia police station without any cooperation.

After going to Bilonia police station, the police did not listen to them and told them that the case could not be taken against the accused person.

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