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“Biplab Deb Is The True Servant Of The Farmers” Claims Vice President Jagdeep Dhankar

“Former Chief Minister of Tripura and MP Biplap Kumar Deb is a true wellwisher of farmers”. 

Vice President Jagdeep Dhankar said this in his commendation at the Farmers’ Banquet at the New Parliament Building on Friday.

Speaking on the occasion, Vice President Dhankar praised former Tripura Chief Minister and MP Biplab Kumar Deb.

According to him, the true identity of Biplab Kumar Deb is a true servant of the farmers. 

Because, in the Rajya Sabha, 50 percent of his speech was only for the development of the farmers, Said Dhankar.

Before lunch, the Vice President addressed the farmers. In his address, Dhankhar heaped praise on Haryana BJP in-charge Biplab Deb. 

He also said that Biplab Deb was the Chief Minister of Tripura for more than 4 years, now he is a Rajya Sabha MP, but this is not his correct introduction. Most of the things he has said before us in the Rajya Sabha are related to farmers. His hearts beat for the sake of the farmer’s name.  I believe that he is the true servant of the farmers.

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