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‘Biplab Hatao Desh Bachao’ Infighting BJP: Erupted Bloody Clash, Tension In Majlishpur

Power tussle between two group of ruling BJP erupted bloody clash in Majlishpur constituency as five party members are now hospitalized. Incident came in light when injured members of the both group alleged against each other. Bloody clash erupted due to Biplab Hatao Desh Bachao slogan. One injured party member Shapna Sarkar said that when some persons were shouting ‘ Biplab Hatao Desh Bachao’ infront of her house, she and her son protested. After sometime that group attacked her house and severely injured her family members. On the other hand Saikat Saha, the other group injured member said that when they reached in front of shapna sarkar’s house after a Cricket match dinner party on Tuesday night some people attacked on him with rod and injured severely. Although the picture is not clear who is right, who is wrong but one thing is clear, due to infighting BJP tension among the common people are there in Majlishpur area.

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