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Bisalgarh: Several Including Woman Attacked By Bike Gang

Clash centered on the fair in Rastar Matha area under Bishalgarh Subdivision. Later, bikers gang attacked and vandalized at the Tower Para area. 8 people were injured in the incident. It is known that 30 miscreants with 20 bikes and cars attacked in the area late at night. 8 people were injured in the attack by the miscreants. Two of them are seriously injured. Women were not left out. 

According to the report a local youth had a problem with some miscreants in the area adjacent to Officetila and Bishalgarh SDM office on Thursday night at the Anand Mela at the Rastar Matha area

After going to that young man’s house namely Mrinal and breaking all the furniture in his house, the bike gang attacked the family members also.  Mrinal is seriously injured.  When the residents of the neighborhood came out on the screams of the people of the house, the miscreants attacked them fatally. Eight people including a woman were injured in the attack by the miscreants. Out of these two are referred to Tripura Medical College in critical condition. 

Later, when the people of the retaliate together, the group of miscreants escaped from the spot. 

But one of the miscreants was caught by the people. The name of the arrested youth is Hridyo. Later, the people of the area approached Bishalgarh police station with the arrested youth. A case was filed against the perpetrators in the police station. 

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