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BJP And Tipra Motha Looting In Their Own Way: Jitendra Choudhury

“Majority of people didn’t supported BJP in the last assembly elections. It is very unfortunate. The indiscretion of a section is born, and cheat government has been re-established in the state” Addressing the meeting of the Tripura Khet Majur Union in the office lane on Wednesday, CPIM Tripura state secretary Jitendra Choudhury said this. 

Choudhury said that Tafajjal model is new in the state. He won the by-election from Boxanagar assembly constituency. But the surprising thing is that six months ago CPIM candidate Shamsul Haque won by 5000 votes from Boxanagar assembly constituency, six months later CPIM candidate gets only 3000 votes in the by-election. Because there is anarchy going on. People were not allowed to vote. And now Tofazzal Hossain, as a MLA, is going to the police station and giving threats. He started thinking of himself as Chief Minister. And has started making his assembly seat a cabinet. 

While criticizing the government, Jitendra Choudhury also alleged that the village committee elections yet to held in the TTAADC area.

“BJP and Tipra Motha are looting there in their own way. The state is robbing the people of their rights. And this is good governance, democracy and BJP model” he said. 

In the organized meeting Mr. Choudhury said that 100 days of REGA work is the right of the workers. But 42 to 43 days are being worked on paper, although the workers are getting work for much less days. 

He also said that those who did not had a broken bicycle in the last six years, Today, a two-storied three-storied building has been built in their house. And they drive around in expensive cars. Especially when you go in front of the party office in Krishnanagar area, you can see that they have no place to park their cars. 

Therefore, Jitendra Choudhury said that everyone should be ready to remove this anti-democratic and enemy of the people government from the country in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. 

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