BJP-Congress-CPIM Joined Hands Against TMC In West Bengal

It is said that everything is fair in politics and war. If there is a question of forming an alliance to form the government in the states or to contest the elections, even the parties having political enmity for each other do not hesitate to come on the same platform. 

Such a pattern is being seen in West Bengal where BJP, Congress and CPIM have joined hands against Trinamool Congress. 

All this is being done to stop TMC  in the Gram Panchayat Board, which will be formed after the results of the recent Panchayat elections.

According to the information , the winners of BJP , CPIM and Congress have joined hands in West Bengal forgetting their ideological differences to form boards in at least 3 gram panchayats so that Trinamool Congress can be kept away.

According to a report published in the Times of India, the BJP and the CPIM jointly formed a Gram Panchayat Board in Mahishadal in East Midnapur District on Wednesday  jointly formed BJP and TMC got 8-8 seats out of 18, while CPIM got 2 seats. 

BJP’s Shubhra Panda and CPIM’s Paresh Panigrahi are elected president and vice-president respectively.

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