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BJP Depriving The Workers From Their Dues: Tripura Congress

The ruling BJP is trying to deprive the people of different parts of the state from their dues. While expressing concern Tripura Congress said that the so-called activists of the ruling party are depriving the workers of due wages in the work of REGA, TUEP.

The same is happening in the tea gardens of the state. Even though the wages of the tea workers have been slightly increased due to the court verdict, the BJP functionaries are taking a cut from the wages of the tea workers in most of the tea garden. The state Congress feels that this trend increases a lot during the festive season.

The party’s spokesperson Prabir Chakraborty said that the bonus has not been given in any other tea garden except the Durgabari tea garden in the state. That is why the tea workers are now facing a deep crisis.

On behalf of the Pradesh Congress, he condemned the incident and demanded a fair investigation into the incident of deducting the wages of the tea workers from the state government.

At the same time, he demanded to identify the culprits and take punitive measures. He said that the state government and the Tea Development Corporation should settle the dues of the workers. He said that from employees of sweet shops to employees of various cloth shops and other private industries, most of the workers did not get Puja bonus.

Pradesh Congress President Ashish Kumar Saha also expressed anger and concern over the plight of working people in the state during Sharad festival.

In a statement, he also expressed concern over the suspension of Puja Advance since 2018 in respect of the large number of SPOs deployed in the state.

He also demanded that the Government Employees Federation in a statement to pay the puja bonus to the tea workers by twenty percent.

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