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BJP Destroyed Tripura In Their 57 Months’ Rule: Manik Sarkar In Hyderabad

” BJP destroyed Tripura in their 57 months’ rule. People of the state decides to teach a lesson to BJP in 2023 Assembly Elections. Tripura will show the way to the country”.

Opposition leader Manik Sarkar said this while he was speaking in the 17th All India Conference of SFI in Hyderabad on Tuesday.

Speaking in the inaugural program of the conference Sarkar also said that:

“Due to bad governance of BJP, terror, anarchy is there in Tripura. BJP hand over the state to the goons and anti socials. That’s why people from plane land to hilly areas are suffering for lack of food and job”

” In 2018 BJP came in power with the support of them who wants to divide Tripura. And after that they started killing the democracy. Constitution of India become inactive in this state”

” Right of vote have been snatched from the people. By Chappa Vote they are now minister and MP. They makes elections like a farce even the local bodies elections. Even MLAs of opposition parties are under attack. BJP adopted Bulldozar Culture in Tripura also. This is the actual face of BJP”

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