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BJP Forming The Govt Due To Split Of Anti-BJP Votes: CPIM Tripura Secretary

“BJP is forming the government in the state due to the opportunity of anti-BJP votes divide” This is what CPIM Tripura state secretary Jitendra Chowdhury said at the women’s rally on Tuesday.

He said that this government has started an unbridled fascist attack on such a large number of people. However, the chief minister could not keep his promise to stop the attacks.

He said, this is why the democratic women’s association of the state has come to the field to demand an apology after 168 days. Terrible situation in tribal areas. Government is silent.

Choudhury also alleged that death by starvation is going on, the ration system is collapsed. Tripura has become a model state for criminals.

He commented that the central government’s failure on Manipur is a national shame.

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