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BJP Govt Failure To Bring Money From Centre And To Implement The Agartala Smart City Project: Manik Dey

“Rs 192 crore was given for Smart City during the Left Front government. Tender was called for this. Later the state government changed. But then the center was supposed to give Rs 500 crore and the state was supposed to give Rs 500 crore. The total is one thousand crore rupees. But it’s seems that the present government could not bring more than Rs 50 to Rs 60 crore after Rs 192 crore. Because in the 50 months of the present government, Rs 500 crore yet to get the state from the center”

“The center has given a total of two and a half crore rupees. Meanwhile, the state government does not seem to have given more than 40 to 50 crore rupees. Then it is seen that out of Rs 1 thousand crore, only 300 crore taka has been allocated for the smart city”

Formar Urban Development Minister Manik Dey raised the question in a press conference at the CPIM state office on Saturday . 

“So how will the state government do what it is supposed to do for the smart city. In 2014, a part of the panchayat area was attached to the city of Agartala. And the last part is connected with Agartala Smart City. However, Rs 100 crore was raised for the Amrut project at that time. There would be no drinking water crisis if it was spent. Besides, during the tenure of the then Left Front government, after allocating Rs. 8 crore for widening the main roads and providing electricity, the corporation was asked to start work. There were several markets in different parts of the city” said Dey.

He also complained that no alternative measures were being taken for the eviction of hawkers. 

“And in the last 50 months, no market has been created for hawkers anywhere in Agartala. These are an ongoing process. It is not possible to implement smart city without these. Urban Transport purchased 183 vehicles for the people of the urban area. And 140 to 142 cars were on the road when the Left Front government was in power. The rest of the cars were for repairs. But now it is seen that the vehicles of urban transport are not noticed. And no car has bought Urban Transport in the last 50 months” he said. 

“Now there are traffic jams in different parts of the city for car parking. So the demand is to create a multi-storage building car parking zone. These were the thoughts of the previous government with the Smart City project. During the previous government, a project was prepared to raise the banks of Howrah river and it was sent to the central government. So that the city can be kept water free and communication system can be further improved. The central government accepted the project but did not paid” said Manik Dey.

He also demanded that more pumps be installed to release natural water. Besides, in defiance of the mayor’s words, he said that the water of Howrah river never enters the city of Agartala. The water enters through the ISBT and exits through the Kata khal canal. The mayor’s statement is not true. Not only do we have to take photos to get into the water, we have to work out a little more plan to free the city from flood waters. The canal is located in Bijay Kumar Chowmuhani area of ​​the city. He demanded the government to further improve the Kalapania and Akhaura canals. 

“The smart city has now become the item of laughter for the city dwellers. Under the previous government, when the project was approved by the central government in the state, the aim was to strengthen the drainage system. Among these, paving of raw drains, improvement of roads on footpaths, as well as construction of roads are given special importance. Further initiatives were taken to make the reservoirs in the urban areas usable by freeing them from encroachment. A total of 16 reservoirs were proposed under this project” Säid Dey.

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