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BJP Govt Is An Agent Of US Imperialism: Manik Sarkar On Israel-Palestine War

Speaking in a rally in Agartala organized by the left parties protesting ‘genocide in Gaza’ by Israel

Manik Sarkar said that:

India has been recognized internationally for its neutral foreign policy. For five years from 1999 and until the present BJP government, the Government of India did not establish any relations with Israel. After forming the BJP government in 1999, it tried to build rapprochement with Israel. The then Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Lal Krishna Advani visited Israel for the first time. The current BJP government is trying to get closer to Israel. Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits Israel. The prime minister there spoke to Netanyahu. Establishes relationship to purchase arms.

A close friend of our country’s Prime Minister, Adani, the head of the country’s corporate house, has bought an important sea port in Israel with the support of Narendra Modi. Relationship with Israel has gone to such a point of the ruling party of India.

Israel imposed war on Palestine in the name of protest. It showed that US imperialism is more zealous than Israel. When Israel launched a counter-attack on Palestine in October, the Indian Prime Minister was seen supporting Israel’s self-defense efforts in a mobile message.

In other words, the Prime Minister of our country supported the attack that Israel is making against Gaza and Palestine indirectly. It became clear to the people of the world that India is moving away from its foreign policy. Indirectly supporting the war. However

Government of India is the direction of

On the other hand this Government is talking about stopping the ongoing war between Russia-Ukraine taking the correct position from Indian foreign policy

In this situation, Israel is trying to destroy Gaza by invading and trying to erase the state of Palestine from the map.

The BJP government is an agent of US imperialism. It is clear from the role of the Indian government in the wake of the Israeli attack. We condemn and protest against it. Protesting Israel’s barbaric fascist attacks. We express our hatred against the war that US imperialism is waging against Israel from behind. We demand that all forces come forward in the international arena. Stand by them to stop the war, to protect Palestine, to protect the Gaza Strip, to keep the people alive, to ensure that the fight for their sovereignty and freedom succeeds. Take part in stopping the war.

Our demanded to the Government of India that they should take an effective role in standing up for Palestine against Israel and helping the affected people of Gaza and Palestine by sending various materials starting from medicines.

US imperialism is trying to prolong the Israel-Palevin war as well as the Russia-Ukraine war. Imperialism is doing the war. They understand nothing but profit. Wanting to capture the world market. For this they are preventing war Yudhishti. US imperialism is the most prosperous in the world in producing weapons of war. If there is no war, their trade and industry will suffer. From that point of view, we cannot expect anything other than war from imperialism.

As long as the war will not stop our protest will not stop until their struggle to defend the Palestinian homeland is confirmed, Gaza is liberated. We must continue this fight until the RSS – BJP government of India moves away from this policy, brings back the old foreign policy of non-alignment and stands up for Palestine to protect Gaza, and takes a firm stand against Israel.

The role played by the Indian government in front of Israel is not supported by a large part of the people of the country. There is no reason to believe that the role played by the BJP coalition government in Tripura following the policies of the BJP-led central government is supported by all the people of the state. We have to pledge to stand up for the people of the greater part of the state and carry forward this struggle for the survival of the people in the Gaza Strip, the struggle for the homeland of the people of Palestine, our stand against Israel and US imperialism and our stand against the disastrous foreign policy of the BJP government.

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