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BJP Handing Over Important Resources Like Power, Rail To Capitalists: CITU Tripura

“The BJP government is handing over the country’s wealth to private players while keeping people asleep. People should know what this government is doing. Only then it will be possible to stand against it”

This was said by Shankar Prasad Dutta in the convention organized by CITU Dukli sub-committee, Agartala.

The convention was organized by the Dukli sub-committee of CITU, was held on Tuesday to protest against the power and railway privatization by the BJP government at the Centre. 

From the convention, CITU urged the people of all sections to come together in a strong movement against the BJP government in the entire state.

Speaking in detail about this day’s convention, CITU leaders of Tripura state committee, said that the BJP government across the country is handing over important domestic resources to capitalists. Electricity has been handed over to private hands. This time there is an attempt to privatize the railways as well. The BJP government is selling the wealth of the country’s people for profit. 

The CITU leaders also said the people should know what the BJP government is doing by keeping the common people asleep. He expressed hope that change will be possible only if people are aware of these issues. Therefore, this convention has been organized across the state to convey these activities of the government to the common citizens, he said.  

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