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“BJP Hurting Constitutional Institutes” Opposition Boycotts Parliament Event. Modi Slams Opposition

Congress and 13 other opposition parties including TMC, AAP, and DMK boycotted the Constitution Day celebration in the Central Hall of Parliament today. Listen in as Congress’ Anand Sharma gives a press briefing on the matter saying that “it is important to know why we boycotted.” He says, “BJP is hurting constitutional institutes.” He further said that “there is a process to make laws, the opposition has to be involved. It is not enough to just invite them to attend events.”

Attacking the centre, Congress’s Manickam Tagore said, “This government does not respect the Constitution.”

Congress MP Mallikarjun Kharge spoke to the opposition leaders after the strategy meeting yesterday. All 14 opposition parties are on board to stand united in the winter session of parliament, sources in the party said.

Earlier today, a senior Trinamool Congress leader – when asked whether his party will attend the Constitution Day events – responded, “Our party MPs will not be attending the function… The opposition is united.” 

Shiv Sena, NCP, DMK, RJD, and Left also did not attend the key event ahead of the winter session, which starts Monday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi lashed out at the Opposition parties for not attending the Constitution Day event in the Central Hall of Parliament.

Modi said the emergence of dynastic parties, a cause for concern across the country, is a threat to democracy.

“Political parties have a role to play. They are an important medium to take democratic values of our country to its people. But the Constitution and its each article is hurt when the political parties lose their democratic character,” Modi said in his address. “How can such political parties safeguard the democratic character of our country?”

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