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BJP-IPFT Government Is Responsible For Kanchanpur, Panisagar Situation: Manik Sarkar

Situation of kanchanpur since 16 November and today’s incident of panisagar, BJP-IPFT Government is responsible for all these things. In a statement said former Chief Minister and currently Leader of the opposition Manik Sarkar. In a written statement Manik sarkar also said that “it was not impossible for government to resolve the problem taking initiative before the strike called by the protesters through discussion. But government took decision in a fascistic and stubborn way which reflects on today at panisagar as government imposed police force against the protesters inhumane and undemocratically”. Protesting the stand of government which is fascistic and inhuman and condemning the police firing Manik Sarkar demands high level investigation of today’s incident and police activities. He also urged for discussion between High official authority of the government and the leaders of the protesters to resolve the problem in no time.

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