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“BJP Itself Embarrassed By Such Results”- Mocks Jiten Choudhury

“The ruling party BJP itself will also be embarrassed by the results of two seats in the by-elections” CPIM Tripura state secretary and MLA Jitendra Choudhury mocked the ruling party BJP after the election results are announced. 

“Of course, they have no shame”, the sharp sarcasm of the CPIM state secretary came immediately after the results are announced.

He added that Tripura is being used as a laboratory by the RSS and BJP government to how to control the economy, social, political and culture of the entire India in the future.

According to him, the ruling party BJP will also be ashamed of the result of two seats in the by-elections. Because, late Samsul Haque, the CPIM candidate from Boxanagar, won by a margin of 6 thousand votes in the 13th Tripura Assembly elections. But, in a span of six months, the voters of Boxanagar voted only 3,000 for the CPM candidate. It is clear that the name of the vote in the by-election has become a farce.

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