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BJP Looting Public: Tripura Congress

Tripura Pradsh Congress Held a press conference on Saturday cemtering the By-Polls to be held on September 5.

Speaking in the press conference party president Asish Saha said:

All ministers, MLAs are campaigning in Boxanagar and Dhanpur assembly constituencies for the by-elections. Due to this, the work of the secretariat has come to a standstill. There are lots of files in their rooms. Administrative work has stalled. 

Condition of the Hospitals are bad in the state. Public not getting services properly. Meanwhile, the ruling party BJP has created a campaign storm to cover these weakness. Because they can no longer trust the people’s vote.

They are spending a lot of money to win elections.  BJP is doing undemocratic terror activities, corruption all over the country. And the regime continues to abuse power. And the state government is following it. People are out of breath. Before the Narendra Modi-led government was installed in the country in 2014, LPG price was Rs 450. Currently it stands at Rs 1100 . And before this government was formed in 2014, subsidy was given in case of cooking gas. Currently, the government has withdraw even that subsidy. By increasing the prices, the government has collected approximately Rs 8 lakh 33 thousand 640 crores from the countrymen. Now cooking gas price has been reduced by Rs. 200.

The price of cooking gas is  Increasing first, they want to use the ointment in the name of giving relief to people by looting a large part of their money. People all over the country are vocal against this looting . 

When the ruling party of the country realized that the people were against them, then the ruling party introduced some such greedy trick. 

MLA Sudip Roy Barman and others were present at the press conference on this day. Also on this day Trinamool Congress vice-president Neelkamal Saha joined the Congress. 

The state Congress president and other leaders welcomed the party by holding the party flag. 

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