BJP Making New Lies To Get Back To Power In Tripura: Jitendra Choudhury

“The BJP and IPFT coalition government is completely bankrupt. The downfall of this government is only a matter of time” CPI(M) State Secretary Jitendra Chowdhury said this while speaking at a rally in Kalyanpur on Wednesday held on multiple demands including protection of constitution and restoration of democracy. 

He said that the BJP coalition government came to the government with false promises. Remained in power for 58 months by pretending. Now they are making new lies to get back to power. But the politically aware people of Tripura have known them, he said. 

“In almost 5 years, BJP has not fulfilled any of its promises in the vision document. Since March 3, 2018, it has chosen the path of terror, knowing that they will not be able to fulfill it. But the ruling party continues to try to maintain the atmosphere of fear for 58 months. Because they could not keep a single promise. Now BJP is going door to door to cheat for the second time in the name of new report card. But there is no mention of vision document” said Chowdhury. 

He highlighted the information about how BJP created confusion before coming to government in 2018. He said that an atmosphere of fear has been created among the people by carrying out terror in the entire state. The right to speak has been taken away. No democratic rights. Social, political, economic rights of people have been destroyed. The people of the state no longer want this situation. Anti incumbency air is blowing in the whole state.

“People have prepared silently. Not only the change of government, the politically conscious citizens of Tripura are waiting for time to get back the democratic atmosphere to breathe in a healthy environment” he added.


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