BJP Selling ‘Fear of Death’: RJD, Congress Hit Out For Free Covid Vaccine In Bihar Manifesto

As the the BJP’s manifesto for the upcoming Assembly elections in Bihar has pitched for free Covid-19 vaccination for everyone in the state, the opposition parties have criticised the saffron party’s agenda for selling the ‘fear of death’.  Taking a dig at the newly released manifesto of the BJP ahead of Bihar elections, Congress spokesperson Jaiveer Shergill said Covid vaccination is a life saving measure and not an election lollipop. Congress spokesperson Jaiveer Shergill in his official Twitter account wrote, “BJP would be the only political party in the world which thinks Covid Vaccine is an election lollipop instead of life saving measure to be administered as matter of right and not matter of conditional political privilege. BJP vicious mentality needs cure along with Covid. On the other hand, Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) also took note of the Covid vaccination promise and took a swipe at the BJP saying, that the corona vaccine belongs to the country, not the BJP. ‘The political use of the vaccine shows that they have no choice but to sell their fear of disease and death. Bihari’s are self-respecting, they do not sell their children’s future for a small amount,’ it said.

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