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BJP To Form Govt Again In Tripura: MP Biplab Deb

Several projects have been undertaken to strengthen Indo-Bangla relations. Most of the projects will benefit Tripura immensely. But, a lot of work is still incomplete for the successful implementation of all those projects. 

Therefore, MP Biplab Kumar Deb has drawn the attention of the central government to put pressure on the Bangladesh government in the parliament.

Addressing a press conference at the official residence in Agartala, he said that every state has its own process of work. However, the central government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi will request the Bangladesh government to complete the Indo-Bangla unfinished works at the earliest. Tripura will surely reap its benefits.

On this day, he said, the Border Hut was closed due to the outbreak of Corona. But, after the normalization of the situation, border haats were opened in Meghalaya but not yet started in Tripura. 

According to him, Indian traders gets benefit greatly from the Indo-Bangla border market. Indian products sell more than Bangladeshi products. But, the Bangladesh government has not yet given the green signal to open a border haat in Tripura.

He also added that last March, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had virtually inaugurated the Maitri Setu at Sabroom. However, the bridge cannot be used as the integrated check post has not yet been constructed in the part of Bangladesh. 

He said that Tripura will benefit commercially from the use of the bridge if the Bangladesh government quickly constructs the ICP. 

Meanwhile, Biplab Kumar Deb also expressed his concern on the issue of dredging to increase the navigability of Gomti river. 

He said that the traders of Tripura would benefit from the import of goods through the river route, for which the experimental goods were imported from Daudkandi to Sonamura. It was then that the Government of India proposed and wanted to undertake dredging of the Gomti River. But, the Bangladesh government has not yet taken any initiative despite assuring the Indian government that they will do the dredging work themselves.

Biplab Kumar Deb claimed that the attention of the central government has been drawn by highlighting all the issues in the parliament. 

“Using the opportunity given by the Prime Minister, I raised the issue of Tripura in the Parliament” he said. 

He hoped that the Government of India would arrange a quick solution to all those issues based on discussions with the Government of Bangladesh. 

He said, every country has its own way of working. It is not possible to say anything about the working methods of the two countries here. 

However, the Indian government will request the Bangladesh government to complete all those works quickly and Tripura will reap the benefits, he said in a tone of conviction. 

Meanwhile the political equation in Tripura is going to change very soon. Former Chief Minister of Tripura and Rajya Sabha MP Biplap Kumar Deb indicated this in a press conference on Saturday. 

According to him, BJP’s performance in the 2023 assembly elections will be determined in the next 7 to 8 days.

Meanwhile, he did not directly rule out the issue of BJP’s tie-up with Tipra Motha . According to him, nothing can be done for Tipra Matha alone excluding the BJP. Because Congress and CPIM themselves have become base less. As a result, people will trust BJP.

He said that in 2018 the people of Tripura fought for freedom. We have to fight for the future in the upcoming assembly elections. 

He claimed that the people of Tripura need BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the development of Tripura. Because, BJP has worked by setting aims for the future.

In his words, there will be mistakes, good and bad in working. There will be demoralization among the officials. BJP must be given another chance to secure the future of Tripura. 

He claimed that the development of Tripura is not possible without Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He said that he will jump into the campaign from tomorrow in the election struggle. The way people saw him before the 2018 assembly elections, they will see him again from tomorrow in his old form. He has full confidence that the BJP government will be established again in Tripura.

He said, very soon a new equation of politics will be seen in Tripura. The BJP’s performance in the 2023 assembly elections will be determined in the next 7 to 8 days. Because, he did not directly rule out the issue of alliance with TIPRA.

According to him, Tipra Motha has taken over the ADC . But, Tipra Matha has to come to BJP. He claimed that only Prime Minister Narendra Modi is working for the people. So, there is no other way open to Tipra Motha except to go to BJP.

According to him, as per the current situation, BJP alone will win 60 seats in the upcoming assembly elections. 

However, if the situation changes, BJP is sure to win 40 to 45 seats. In that case, BJP’s seats will increase compared to 2018 assembly elections.

Biplab Kumar Deb would not hesitate to contest in the assembly elections. According to him, I am known as a general executive of the party. The parliamentary committee has all the rights to select party candidates. In that case, the high command of the party will take the highest decision in this matter.

According to him, on the instructions of the party, I have become a candidate for Banmalipur constituency in the 2018 assembly elections. After winning the election, I accepted the responsibility of the Chief Minister on the instructions of the party. Now, on the instructions of the party, I have resigned from the post of Chief Minister and now i am currently performing the duties of MP.

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