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BJP To Send ‘Vistarak’ In Poll Bound States Including Tripura

The BJP has stepped up its preparations for the Lok Sabha elections. 

First, it started working on the weak 160 seats by making ministers in-charge. 

After that, full-time vistaraks to be sent to every seat till the Lok Sabha elections. Now the BJP has planned to send vistaraks to every assembly level for the Lok Sabha elections. 

Full-time vistaraks will remain in all the assemblies across the country till the Lok Sabha elections and will work to take the party’s programs to the grass root level and implement them.

BJP has prepared a plan to send Vistaraks to every Bidhansabha before the Lok Sabha elections across the country. 

Staying in the assembly, these Vistaraks will work to implement the strategy prepared from time to time by the central leadership regarding the elections there. 

All these Vistaraks will work together with the local unit there. These Vistaraks will be in direct contact with the center and will keep sending their feedback to the center from time to time. 

Due to which the local unit should also take them seriously and engage in the preparations for the Lok Sabha elections. 

In every Vidhansabha, 1 Vistarkar will work full time. These Vistaraks will reside in that assembly till the Lok Sabha elections.

Along with this, the party will also send vistaraks in the assembly elections to be held in 9 states in 2023.

They will work for the party by staying in all the assemblies. The party has sent vistaraks to all the 119 assemblies of Telangana. 

Other states including Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Tripura will also be send the Vistarak soon.

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