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BJP Trying To Split The TIPRA Motha Administration In TTAADC: Animesh

“In the last financial year State Government released only Rs 3.5 Cr for repairing of 1183 km road in TTAADC. This is how government depriving ADC” said Deputy Chief Executive Officer of TTAADC.

Alleging on BJP government he also said “They are trying to split the TIPRA Motha as Motha is working great job for the development of TTAADC”.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer Animesh Debbarma hold a press conference at Agartala Press Club on Wednesday.

Notably Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council passed The Customary Bills in the winter session of the council. Customary Laws has been introduced for the people of 19 tribal sections of the state. 

A total of 14 Customary Bills were passed jointly by the BJP and Tipra Matha members with the support of the MDCs. 

The Police Act was made regarding the appointment of policemen in the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council. 

This will benefit the youth who are hoping for police jobs. Therefore, the District Council Police Zone Bill has been passed unanimously, said Animesh. 

Also more Customary Laws will be added for the people of the TTTAADC. These will be passed in the coming days. 

Regarding the state government’s 12 percent increase in dearness allowance, Animesh said that 12 percent increase in dearness allowance to employees is not much. Tripura state employees have long been deprived of central government pay scale. 

Besides criticizing the government, the employees of Tripura should get 9-10 dearness allowances in the last five years. 

“So those who came into government with the help of Seventh Pay Commission could not make up the shortfall in the pay scale of the State Government with the Central Government. So employees are not happy. Twice a year should follow the rules of paying dearness allowance” he said.

“The central government is all set to pay another 6 percent dearness allowance in January. At present Central Government employees get dearness allowance of 6 per cent compared to Tripura government employees by 20 per cent. Therefore, the government employees need to know that the present government has cheated the employees after the establishment of the government by promising the seventh pay commission” said Animesh Debbarma.

In addition, he reacted to the opposition forum and said that the BJP is against brutal attacks and political terrorism. But if anyone wants to stage a coalition based on TIPRA Motha’s demand for Greater Tipraland, it is certainly welcome. Otherwise Tipra will fight alone, he said. 

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