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BJP Turns Democracy Into A Joke: Tripura Congress On By-Polls Results

“By-elections in the state become a farce, turning democracy into a joke” Tripura Pradesh Congress President Ashish Kumar Saha reacted this to the by-election results in a press conference at the Pradesh Congress Bhaban on Friday.

According to him, the results of by-elections in 7 assembly constituencies of 6 states showed that BJP is lagging behind in various states including West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh. It is clearly understood that the people of the entire country are spontaneously coming forward in support of the INDIA bloc.

Mr. Saha claimed that in the by-elections public were not allowed to exercise their voting rights of. As a result, BJP has naturally won in two centres. 

“Because, the BJP government has realized that the people have lost faith on this government. Therefore, fear of defeat in the by-elections did not give the common people a chance to express their opinion, the people were prevented from voting. Besides, the polling stations were rigged with outsiders” said Tripura Congress president.

Notably opposition Congress and Tipra Motha didn’t filled candidates in the by-polls to stop the vote divide.

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