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BJP Under Fear Of Defeat: Manik Sarkar In Dhanpur, Boxanagar

The results of the by polls in Dhanpur and Boxanagar assembly constituencies will give a new message to the anti-BJP voices in the country. CPM politburo member and former chief minister of the state Manik Sarkar urged the people of Dhanpur and Boxanagar to come forward in the change that has been called for in the context of national politics.

He addretparty workers in Kathalia in support of party candidates in the by polls on Thursday.

Manik Sarkar strongly criticized the state BJP government in a meeting organized by the CPIM party at North Taibandal in Dhanpur’s tribal area. Describing how the BJP candidate won the 2023 assembly elections, he said, “People have seen what kind of terror BJP has done in the name of elections. People once even joins the road blockade movement demanded voting.

“On the polling day, the polling agent was thrown out of the polling station, and threatened to stay at home. Don’t go to vote, the house will burn if you vote – the voting was done through such terrible terror. BJP has won” He said.

He said that from 1998 to 2018 he was a candidate in this center. But have you ever seen such a picture of terror in voting? Throwing this question, he said, fearing defeat, the administration has been purged and the entire cabinet has rushed to Dhanpur in this by-election. But this is not a sign of strength. It is a sign of weakness. Wanting to fly the target of victory. The confidence they had in the 2023 elections, this time BJP is suffering from uncertainty due to loss of confidence in the by-elections. At present BJP government has no program. Roads, drinking water, irrigation system, electricity, health are in a bad condition everywhere. Electricity generated from the state during the Left Front. Money was provided to the state treasury by selling it in Bangladesh. And during this government, electricity is sold out of state, there is not enough supply in the state. Irrigation machines are not working, farmers are affected today in the state due to crisis in agriculture. Schools have been established one after another in education. There was enough Teachers. But there are no teachers in the school during the current government. There is no head teacher, no subject teachers, classes are not being conducted properly.

Throwing these question what is going on in Tripura, he said, there has been an unprecedented development in the state health service during the left government. No other assembly constituency in the state has as many health centers as the number of hospitals set up in Dhanpur assembly constituency. But the unfortunate thing is what will happen if there is no medicine, patients are not admitted to the hospital, there is no money to feed the patients, there is an ambulance but the service is not being provided. It is said that there is no oil. Ambulance will go only if you give petrol. Besides, the patient has to buy cotton, bandages and even needles from the open market. The same has happened with the state health services.

Bringing up the issue of law and order, he said the BJP government is behaving like a fascist in the state. Now adopted new methods of torture. Not killing people, not allowing people with opposing political views to go to the hospital. Homes are attacked and looted. Not allowing collection of latex from rubber plantations. In many cases rubber plantations are being cut and some are setting fires. They not allowing the farmer to take the crops home. Crop are being cut down. Fishes are killed by poison in ponds, shops of traders are closed, looted. People who are running families by driving cars, small cars, jeeps are not allowed to drive on the roads. Cars are burning in the dark of night.

He asks how people will live. People’s lives are disturbed by this new form of terrorism. Everywhere there is an atmosphere of fear. Why such this happening?

Traders are sitting in open shops, no sell. The debt fleet is increasing. Many traders are forced to close their shops. He said, is this development? The situation is getting worse day by day under BJP rule. Not able to pay salaries to employees, No REGA work , Money is not given to TTAADC for development in the area. As a result all the officers who are working in ADC area do not want to work, there is no development in ADC area. People want to get relief from this BJP era.

“The dignity of mothers and sisters is being robbed in the state. The drug trade is booming. Three police officers of this Sonamura subdivision were killed by drug dealers. In carrying out operations against the drug trade. The people of Dhanpur know who is behind this. The result of this by-election will not affect the government if the CPM wins. But BJP can be hurt. There are people in that problem and people are angry all over Tripura. If you defeat the BJP in Dhanpur, the people of Tripura will congratulate you. The pain of this Dhanpur will give courage to the people of Tripura to stand by them” said Sarkar.

Manik Sarkar said that BJP’s condition is not good, it came to power despite getting less votes. To avoid public anger during the first BJP government, BJP brought the current Chief Minister Manik Saha. He won by turning the election into a farce by bringing in people from outside his constituency to win the by-election. But this government will not be able to show whether it has done any work for the welfare of people in the question of development in North or South Taibandal of this Dhanpur in the last two months. Starving is going on everywhere. Especially in tribal areas. The road network was built at the rural level during the previous Left government. And at this time all these roads are in terrible situation due to lack of renovation. It is the responsibility of the people to judge this dire state of development.

At present, tremors have started in BJP. The entire cabinet is sitting in Dhanpur . He said, politics cannot be matched by adding and subtracting numbers, if people decide to change, then change will happen. Bringing up the subject of national politics, he said that anti-BJP voices have been raised all over the country. Twenty-eight parties have come together to change the anti-people BJP coalition government at the centre.

He appealed to the people of Dhanpur to change the situation, the current BJP is using you and throwing you away. Using for mischief. Awake your consciousness. Making this call, Manik Sarkar said that after the change of power in the state in 2018, even though he came to this Taibandal, he was not even allowed to hold the meeting. The police were silent spectators.

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