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“BJP Using Govt Fund For Party Campaign” Tripura CPIM To ECI, CEO

“Ruling BJP using government fund for party campaign” mentioning this Tripura CPIM writes latter to the Chief Electoral Officer of the state.

A copy of the latter has been sent to the Election Commission of India.

In the latter CPIM Tripura state secretary Jitendra Chowdhury specifically mentioned that:

The campaign had been done to welcome Prime Minister Modi, those are now being used for political mileage of the party. BJP must be barred from using government fund for party campaign. The gates which were constructed to welcome PM Modi, must be removed now”

” Tripura Government spends huge fund in campaign centering PM Modi’s recent Tripura visit. Apart from other things many big gates with festoons were constructed. Now they are using these for the party campaign. Images of BJP leaders are also being printed on these gates and festoons. This is nothing but party campaign sponsored by government fund. BJP should be alerted from waste of government fund. But the actual scene in completely opposite.

All though schedule of Assembly Elections yet to be announced but the government and administrative machineries including all the stakeholders related to the polls are now become active.

In this situation ruling BJP must be abstained from using government fund for political campaign.

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