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BJP Using Govt Machinery For Election Campaign: CPIM On PM’s Tripura Visit

CPIM Tripura State Secretary Jitendra Choudhury held a press conference organized at the CPIM State Office on Thursday. 

In the Press Conference he said:

“The All India Congress of the CPIM last April has expressed its policy calling on all democratic forces and secular forces to unite to defeat the BJP. But it is also said to take the last strategy depending on the situation to defeat the BJP in that state”

“But before this, it has been asked to follow a policy and come to a stage to gain the trust of the people. And from this platform the people should be given the spirit to restore democracy, fight against autocracy and fight against terrorism” 

He said that the term of this government is not even one month.

“So now this government is trying to mislead people by showing false advertisements, he said. 

Besides, he strongly criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the state on December 18 and said that the final voter list will be published on January 5. And right now, the country’s Prime Minister is focusing on official events. He is coming on a tour to carry out early election campaign by using government machines and calling people with government money. For this, the district administration and block development officers are used by the government and given targets to bring people from each block. IAS Sandeep Rathore has issued a guideline for this. And guidelines have been given by the government to target 50,000 people from across the state to attend the Prime Minister’s rally. 

“On the other hand, President Rajib Bhattacharya from the state BJP office on Wednesday said that 50,000 people will attend the Prime Minister’s public meeting. So it is again clear that the government and the party are working as one. It became more and more clear that they did not have the power to bring in people. Using the highest office of the country’s Prime Minister and taking part in that personality is one example of establishing a one-party regime. It has no morality. Such bankruptcy has never been seen earlier in the country” Jitendra Chowdhury said.

The attention of the Election Commission is being drawn against such activities while sitting in an important position like the Prime Minister. 

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