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BJP Will Be Unable To Divide The Opposition Vote In The Sept 5 By-Polls: CPIM Tripura Secretary

“Another opportunity has come to the people of the state. Teach the BJP a proper lesson in the by-polls. BJP is in nightmare about Dhanpur and Boxanagar. Giving even one vote to BJP will be dangerous for the state. So cast your vote for a BJP-free state in the by-polls on September 5” CPIM Tripura State Secretary Jiten Choudhury appealed to the voters exactly in the same way on Saturday.

He also appealed to the voters of Dhanpur and Boxanagar assembly constituencies to cast vote to register win of the Left Front nominated CPIM candidates Kaushik Chanda and Mizan Hossain.

CPIM has started campaign in Dhanpur and Boxanagar assembly constituencies after street meetings, market meetings, door-to-door campaign, courtyard meetings.

Left leadership started the stormy campaign from Dhanpur. Former Chief Minister Manik Sarkar joined the campaign in Dhanpur and Boxanagar assembly constituencies.

Jiten Choudhury said in the election campaign organized in South Kalamchaura, Veluachar on Saturday:

“Some people are coming from outside in Boxanagar and Dhanpur and shouting every day. All the members of the cabinet are coming along. But they know very well that the people of Boxanagar and Dhanpur will throw them away. Because the people of the state know very well that BJP is a treacherous party”.

“BJP leaders and ministers come here to campaign and talk about development, which is completely ridiculous. Because along with Boxanagar and Dhanpur, the people of the state know that there has been no development in five years of BJP rule. They are promoting all the works of the Left Front government as their own. How they are lying!”

“The Left Front government has developed in all aspects of the state. Everything including colleges, universities, medical and engineering colleges, hospitals, national highways, rail communication, air communication, village-mountain roads, drinking water, electricity connection has been done during the left period. BJP is destroying these now. BJP government is a government of false advertising. The Left Front has done development of TTAADC and given official recognition of Kokborok language to improve the quality of tribal people of the state. Even the state’s minority-Muslim community has been respected, and the Left Front government has helped it to move forward in all areas. Which the people of Dhanpur and Boxanagar know along with the people of the state”.

Jiten Chowdhury alleged that the BJP seized power in the state in 2018 with false inducements. Since then the people of the state along with the minority Muslim and tribal communities have been affected. The mountains are crying. Where have the 299 promises of BJP’s vision document gone? They betrayed 7 lakh unemployed people in the name of jobs in five years. In the name of increase in pension , about 1 lakh 75 thousand names of pension holders have been cut off. BJP is betraying the people of the state including farmers, laborers, jumia, farm laborers, traders, teachers-employees, unemployed people who are out of work under REGA.

” In the recently concluded assembly elections in the state, 61 percent of the people of the state voted to defeat the BJP. They came to power for vote sharing. However, the BJP is no longer getting the opportunity to divide the opposition vote in the September 5 bypoll” Said Choudhury.

He also called on BJP workers and supporters to vote for CPIM candidates to protect democracy.

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