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Black Paint In Poster In Private Wall: Election Sector Officer Suspended In Tripura

The State Election Commission protested against the work of Ajay Das, the officer in charge, who went beyond the election guidelines in Tripura. 

He put black color in the poster inside a shop in Sabroom assembly constituency. 

State Election Commission Additional Chief Electoral Officer has ordered action against him. It is known that he is the superintendent of the fisheries department.

He was assigned as a sector officer in election duty. He entered the shop while working to cover the faces of leaders and ministers in government places and put black paint on the faces of leaders and ministers. 

But last few days ago he organized this incident. Later the BJP placed deputation to the State Election Commission. 

It was demanded that immediate action be taken against this official. 

Then the State Election Commission official become active. Investigate and found the truth of the incident. 

Action has been directed against Election Official Ajay Das for making such mistakes.

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