Blood Everywhere In Manipur. PM, Cabinet Laughing, Joking: Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has reached his parliamentary constituency Wayanad (Kerala) for the first time after the membership of the Lok Sabha has restored. 

Addressing a public meeting in Wayanad on Saturday, Rahul Gandhi said that there are thousands of people in Manipur who have suffered violence. Someone’s house has been burnt, someone’s sister has been raped, and someone’s brother and parents have been killed. It is as if someone has thrown kerosene all over Manipur and set it on fire.

Rahul Gandhi said that I went to Manipur some time ago. I have been in politics for 19 years and I have never experienced anything like what I experienced in Manipur.

Further targeting PM Modi said that there is blood everywhere in Manipur, murder is happening everywhere, this is the situation in Manipur and PM spoke for 2 hours, 13 minutes in the parliament but he Spoke on Manipur for two minutes, he laughed and joked. His cabinet was laughing, joking.

Accusing PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi said that you (PM) speak for two minutes about the murder of ‘Bharat Mata’ (Manipur). How can you disrespect the idea of ​​India? Why didn’t you go there? Why didn’t you try to stop the violence? Because you are not a nationalist. Anyone who kills the idea of ​​India cannot be a nationalist. 

In a vehement attack, he said that BJP and RSS don’t understand what is family? They don’t understand that the more they try to separate you and me, the closer we get. They feel that if we disqualify Rahul Gandhi, their relationship with Wayanad will break. If you disqualify Rahul Gandhi, his relationship with Wayanad will become stronger. 

Earlier, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi met members of the Toda tribal community at Muthunadu village near Ooty. 

Toda women asked Rahul Gandhi to return to this place as the Prime Minister. Simultaneously he visited the temple of the community deity and observed the traditional practices there.

Kerala Congress Working President VT Siddiqui said that preparations have been made to warmly welcome Rahul Gandhi on his arrival in Wayanad. 

Rahul Gandhi’s parliament membership has been restored after the notification was issued from the Lok Sabha Secretariat earlier this week. 

Congress-led UDF workers gave a warm welcome to Rahul Gandhi during his visit to Wayanad

Hundreds of Congress workers raised slogans in support of Rahul Gandhi as soon as he reached there in the evening. Leaders of the Congress-led opposition alliance in Kerala welcomed him.

The Supreme Court had stayed the sentence of Rahul Gandhi in the Modi surname case. After which the way was cleared for the restoration of Rahul Gandhi’s parliament. 

KC Venugopal tweeted, Rahul Gandhi will visit his Lok Sabha constituency Wayanad on August 12-13. The people of Wayanad are happy that democracy has won and their voice is back in Parliament. Rahul Gandhi is not just their MP but like a family member. 

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