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Blood Shortage Adding To The Healthcare Burden In Tripura

Tripura facing blood shortage. Due to lack of blood donation camp state facing the problem. GBP and IGM hospital are facing huge problem due to scarcity of blood. Patients parties specially from suburbs of the city Agartala are mostly effected due to this blood shortage. According to the data of Tripura Blood Transfusion Council there are ‘A+’ 2 unit, ‘A-‘ 3 unit, ‘B+’ 4 unit, ‘B-‘ Nill, ‘O+’ 12 unit, ‘O-‘ 2 unit, ‘AB+’ 4unit, ‘AB-‘ 1 unit blood stock in GBP Hospital Blood Bank. The need for blood is continuous in any functional healthcare system. Nobody want anyone in need of transfusion to die due to want of blood. Therefore, it is crucial to build public and stakeholder confidence in these uncertain times of Coronavirus and ensure continuity of the blood donation process across the state. The blood shortage situation in these uncertain times, will only be as good or bad as the governments and communities allow it to be.

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