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Break In Year-Old Tradition As Kumari Puja Not Conducted By Ramkrishna Mission,Agartala This Year

Year-old tradition of hosting Kumari Puja at Ramakrishna Mission, Agartala breaks this year due to covid19 pandemic. Ramkrishna Mission, Agartala has been celebrating the Mahaashtami with Kumari Puja, in which a girl younger than seven-eight years is worshipped as the Mother Goddess or Devi Durga. Devotees throng the campus on the day to witness this special occasion and those who cannot visit, tune in to TV channels or check online for the live broadcast. The occasion is also popular among Bengalis settled out of the state. The RKM has been flooded with queries about the Kumari Puja. Kumari Puja was initiated at Belur Math by Swami Vivekananda in 1899 as a mark of respect to Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa who believed that little girls were manifestations of the divine mother because at that age they are away from negative influences of the materialistic world. She is dressed in a red Benarasi sari and decked up with ornaments, much like the Durga idol, and worshipped by the monks.

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