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Bridge Collapsed In Amarpur: Transportation Stopped. Daily Passengers Suffering

Traffic movement of Amarpur-Ampinagar via
Teliamura road has been stopped indefinite period after collapse of the steel bridge.

As a result, the suffering of the passengers increased a lot.

A Paper block loaded Tripper car stucked on the collapsed Sonaichari Steel Bridge at Amarpur-Ampinagar via Teliamura road on Thursday afternoon.

Not only that, the car is dangerously hanging as last report came in.

According to the engineers this hazard is due to
excessive transportation of goods through this steel bridge.

The driver of the tripper car ran away after the steel bridge collapsed.

As a result, traffic movement and communication
facilities have been stopped on Amarpur-Ampinagar via Teliamura road indefinitely.

As a result, the daily passengers on that road to
face severe suffering.

For the past few years, the second option of
transportation of the entire Gomati and South districts including Amarpur is this road and responsibility of all the supervision including the
maintenance of thais road is on the NHIDCL.

“Even though the steel bridge, including other bridges on that road, have turned into death trars in manner, the concerned construction officials are completely indifferent” alleged the local residents.

“Because of which the daily passengers are suffering a lot” they added.

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