Britain: King Charles III Crowned In Grand Ceremony

King Charles III was crowned the King of Britain during the grand coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey on Saturday. 

The Archbishop of Canterbury put the 360-year-old crown on the king. King Charles III was crowned King of Britain during a grand ceremony at Westminster Abbey on Saturday. 

According to media reports, the Archbishop of Canterbury crowned the king. The King vowed to rule the people of Britain with ‘justice and kindness’ and to pursue an environment where people of all faiths could live freely. 

Prince William, Catherine and Duke of Sussex Prince Harry took part in the ceremony at Westminster Abbey. 

Vice President of India Jagdeep Dhankhar met King Charles at a function. Westminster Abbey has been the site of every British coronation since William the Conqueror in 1066. 

Around 100 heads of state and governments from around the world were invited to participate in the historic coronation of Britain’s new monarch. 

After the ceremony, King Charles ascended the throne. During this, British PM Rishi Sunak said that a new era starts today. The PM described this program as a moment of national pride. 

On this occasion, PM Rishi Sunak played an important role in the coronation program of King Charles

Significantly, the coronation is taking place in Britain after 74 years. Earlier in 1953, the late Queen Elizabeth of Britain was crowned. He had passed away last year. Now King Charles is being crowned. About one thousand crore rupees are expected to be spent in this event. 

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