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BSF On High Alart As Bangladesh To Hold General Election On Jan 7 Amid Political Unrest

General elections have been announced amid intense political unrest in Bangladesh. The National Election Commission of that country has announced immediate voting in Bangladesh on January 7.

300 seats will be voted on the ballot paper. Chief Election Commissioner Kazi Habibul Awal has issued a notification for the twelfth parliamentary election of Bangladesh in a press conference today. 

According to the notification, nomination papers can be submitted till November 30 for this election.

The nomination papers will be scrutinized from December 1 to 4. The last date for withdrawal of nomination papers is fixed till December 17.

Voting will be held three weeks after that. Meanwhile, the symbols will be allotted on December 18 after the withdrawal of candidates.

In that case, 14 days are given for submission of nomination papers and 19 days for campaigning. In that case, there will be an opportunity to campaign from December 18 to January 5.

Incidentally, the journey of the 11th Parliament of Bangladesh began on January 30, 2019. The term of that parliament ends on January 29 next year.

As a result, there is a constitutional obligation to hold fresh elections within 90 days before January 29, 2024. According to that, the National Election Commission is announcing the vote notification today.

Meanwhile, extreme political unrest is currently going on in Bangladesh. BNP including like-minded parties, are holding blockade across the country demanding the government’s resignation and elections under a non-partisan government.

On the other hand, the ruling Awami League is adamant on holding elections under the current government as per the constitution.

The Border Security Force (BSF) has become more active to security deployment across Indo-Bangla international border to check infiltration or exfiltration ahead of the general election in neighboring Bangladesh.

Notably Tripura shares 856-km-long border with the neighbouring country Bangladesh.

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