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Buddha Jayanti Celebrated In Tripura

Friday (5 April) was Buddha Purnima or Boishakhi Purnima. The day is celebrated with reverence all over the world. 

However, the day is specially celebrated in India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Tibet. 

Accordingly in Tripura the 2567th Buddha Purnima is being celebrated at the Benuban Vihar Buddhist temple as per the religious tradition.

This day is remembered not only by Buddhists but also by Hindus. The day has deep significance. 

On this day, Buddha was born in Lumbini Province, presently Nepal, and on this same day, he was elevated to Buddhahood under a Bodhi tree in a town in Bihar, India. 

People today know that town in Bihar as Buddha Gaya. Buddha Purnima is a very auspicious day according to the calendar.

Buddha Purnima was celebrated in Benuban Vihar Buddha Mandir Agartala, capital of Tripura according to religious tradition. 

On the occasion of Buddha Purnima, the gathering of devotees was quite remarkable. 

Worship of Lord Buddha starts from four in the morning followed by meditation. Flag hosting is also done in the morning. 

At four in the afternoon, various programs were held including the Dharma Sabha. 

The day has been celebrated with full devotion in the state.

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